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The Home of the Tuk Tuks      TukTuk Fleet
Commercial 3 wheelers TukTuks for party events These wonderfully magical vehicles are sales ready for road use
abroad and internationally.

Tuk Tuk Passenger Series
For inquires for the united states please contact us.
TUKTUK 3 passenger fun trike

Commercial 3 wheelers Tuk Tuks
TUKTUKS for rent TukTuk Rental Taxies for parties or for city driving
TukTuk personal get around town TUKTUK 3 passenger rental trike
A Tuk Tuk is a specially constructed Motor Tricycle.
These vehicles were originally designed to replace the Samlor or Trishaw a three wheeled bicycle
which is used as a taxi in numerous cities around the world.

The original Tuk Tuks were powered by a motor scooter engine of 100-175 cc and were noted for being
rather noisy  hence the name Tuk Tuk, which was the sound they made when idling!
Thanks to modern design they are no longer noisy but smooth and quiet.
L-5 Tuk Tuk Van Comes in
an automatic or standard transmission.

TUKTUK utility vehicle

TUKTUK custom commercial vehicle
The door system offers duel raised doors one at a time or both at the same time.

TukTuk custom work or vending truck

has plenty of cargo space and speeds from
60 to 65 mph.
The L-5 Tuk Tuk is
fully customizable upon
your wishes, from
special painting to
airbrush artwork.

 Custom branding and many more available options.

TukTuks for Fun!
This little beauty is all
the advertising you need.
TukTuk 3 wheel utility truck
   TukTuk comercial work truck      TukTuk advertising Truck     TukTuk Commercial Box Truck
Asti-3 Passenger Tuk Tuk
TUK TUK 3 Passenger City Tour  TUKTUK 650cc Taxi cab  TUKTUK Run About3 passenger tuktuk taxi

Francisca-4 Touring Tuk Tuk

Party Tuk Tuk
          6 passenger TukTuk with cargo trailer
        TUK TUK 6 Passenger party TUK TUK 6 PassengerCity Touring coach 6 passenger TukTuk run about

These vehicles are currently not available
TukTuk 3 wheel car convertable
Mini Breeze Convertible
tuk tuk limo three wheel vehicle  TukTuik limo trike three wheel vehicle  TukTuk  limo Cruiser 
This “Rolls Royce” of Tuk Tuks can be lovingly crafted to include such features as air conditioning,
built in stereo sound system and LCD screens, cocktail cabinets and custom seating.

For The Discerning Tuk Tukker Only!
This superior model is only available to special order and will certainly get you noticed! A fully enclosed Tuk Tuk Limousine which is custom built to your personal requirements. This Rolls Royce of Tuk Tuks can be lovingly crafted to include such features as air conditioning, built in stereo sound system and LCD screens, cocktail cabinets and custom seating. SAFETY FEATURES:
All our tuk tuks are fitted with SABS approved seat belts for driver and passengers.
Price available when ordered only.

Choose from our Economical, Alternative and Environmentally friendly vehicles for private and commercial use in today's America.

Automatic Scooter Car, Motorcycle Trike Automatic Three Wheel cars / Motorcycle & Scooter Trikes, Tango Trikes Automatic Scooter Car, Motorcycle Trike
Economical, Alternative and
Environmentally Friendly vehicles

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